Element-80 Productions is a versatile and mutable business capable of meeting all your design, graphics, and illustration needs. We take a one-on-one, client-oriented approach to developing your visual presence in print and on the Web.

We specialize in designing custom landing pages; creating unique, visually-appealing WordPress themes; and modification and development of WordPress code for themes, widgets, and plug-ins.

Our imaging services are customized to meet your needs and desires, and our pricing is competitive and affordable. We can do everything from designing a corporate logo to programming a dynamic, content-driven Web site. We have experience working on projects in myriad fields–personal, non-profit, art gallery, webcomics, and food service, among others. Through an unusual combination of vast programming knowledge and University degrees in the traditional Fine Arts, we successfully bring talent and an immense appreciation for aesthetics and art history to technology-based products.

If you do not see the Internet or graphic service you are looking for mentioned on this site, please contact us with a description of what you are seeking for your company, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a prompt response with cost estimates if we can help you and references to other resources that may be able to assist you if we cannot.