Textured BuddyPress LogoWe’ve officially completed our first massive BuddyPress project: the overhaul of the Light Stalking photography blog. It was a rousing success, and the visitors of Light Stalking have taken to the new design and features like moths to a flame! Our custom template has cleaned up the organization and presentation of the vast wealth of content Light Stalking has to offer as well as integrate the social networking and interaction features of BuddyPress.

You can view a screenshot of our work on our BuddyPress portfolio page, and we also have a description of what BuddyPress design work we can do for you.

We’re very proud of the result of the new Light Stalking BuddyPress site, and since many of the features and much of the quality of the user experience cannot be captured in a screenshot, you should definitely check out the site directly, as well!

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